Cmr Injector v1.8


How to use Dll Injector

  1. Open the injector
  2. Select process. example: gta5.exe
  3. Add the dll to the injector
  4. Inject

Remember to follow the step by step according to each game or hack. follow the instructions correctly.


Attention, we are not responsible for misuse of each software available here, we just share safe files for download and use for everyone.

All files on the site are safe, properly inspected for your safety. Some antiviruses may report false positives but the file is safe.

What is injector dll?

Basically it is a method used in programming and computing to execute and run code in specific processes, forcing to load a dynamic library in a software. basically when using dll injector you can run codes in a software without the owner knowing what it is.

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Cmr Injector v1.8


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