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Extreme Injectors 3.7.3
YimMenu GTA 5 Online
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YimMenu GTA 5 Online
Macro GTA 5 Bullshark
DLL Injector Hacker PRO 1.2.8

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What is a dll injector used for
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10 top downloads

Extreme Injectors 3.7.3
YimMenu GTA 5 Online
CSGhost v4.3.1
DLL Injector Hacker PRO 1.2.8
Sazinjector v4.0
SharpMonoInjector v2.5
Cmr Injector v1.8
Skeet Injector

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Software used to activate or unlock features, functionalities, or licenses of a program or operating system.


Code or special trick used by players to acquire skills or advantages in the game.


Program used to inject code into a program or game and make it undetectable.


Sequence of instructions or commands that are grouped into a single unit to automate repetitive tasks in a program or software.


Program that falsifies identification information to deceive other programs or users.

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False positives can happen for several reasons, like outdated virus definitions, antivirus misconfiguration, or software that resembles malware. Heuristic analysis can also lead to false positives when antivirus software guesses based on file behavior.

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